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WebSphere Install Update

Thursday, July 29th, 2004

I did a scripted install of ND 5.1 and BASE 5.1 on Linux last night.  I used some Java code to enable java security and set all the TCP/IP ports to the standard.  The whole process took 8 minutes and 10 seconds.  This included ND install, BASE install and federation.

Creating Web-based user interfaces: Using WebSphere Studio V5.1.2 to develop JavaServer Faces applications

Friday, July 2nd, 2004

From developerWorks

Learn how to useJavaServer Faces (JSF) technology within WebSphere Studio V5.1.2. The tutorial walks you through a simple application example that makes use of JavaServer Faces in order to implement a simple messaging center. Using the WebSphere Studio tools, you will see how easy it is to build Web applications that are based on JavaServer Faces and how easy it is to support functions relating to event handling, validation and navigation using visual tools and declarations rather than having to write long tedious code.

Navy Joke

Thursday, July 1st, 2004

“Two battleships assigned to the training squadron had been at sea on manoeuvers in heavy weather for several days. I was serving on the lead battleship and was on watch on the bridge as night fell. The visibility was poor with patchy fog, so the Captain remained on the bridge keeping an eye on all activities. Shortly after dark, the lookout on the wing of the bridge reported, “Light, bearing on the starboard bow.”
“Is it steady or moving astern?” the Captain called out.
Lookout replied, “Steady, Captain,” Which meant we were on a dangerous collision course with that ship.
The Captain then called to the signalman, “Signal that ship: We are on a collisoon course, advise you change course 20 degrees.”
Back came the signal “Advisable for you to change course 20 degrees.”
In reply, the Captain said, “Send: I’m a captain, change course 20 degrees.”
“I’m a seaman second class,” Came the reply, “You had better change course 20 degrees.”
By that time, the Captain, was furious. He spat out, “Send: I’m a battleship, change course 20 degrees.”
Back came the flashing light: “I’m a lighthouse!”

We changed course.”