Inspection 2008-09-26

I went out before the rain on Saturday to check the hive.  Noah took the pictures for me this time and we used a tripod, flash and the high resolution / high ASA settings on the camera.

It had been 12 days since the last inspection which is what I’ve adopted as my target until I learn more.  The weather is overcast today, bees seem to be coming and going despite the clouds but the hive seems fuller of bees than the last time.

We saw 3 small hive beetles and killed two of them.  Art’s getting some SHB traps for his hive.

The hive appeared clean, the bees weren’t angry.  They buzzed when smoked and none flew right at me.  One sat on my face screen for a few minutes and there were a few fly-bys but it was a pretty peaceful inspection.  Most of the children watched from behind Noah.

Frames 1, 2, 3 are as in the last inspection, largely untouched.

Frame 4 shows some change.  There does seem to be some drawn comb started on the outside.  I can’t tell whether there’s more.  The inside had many more bees than the last inspection.  I estimate that there were about 200 bees in the center of the frame and the comb was being drawn out more.  I’ll have to start taking pictures both head on and from the side next time.

Frames 5, 6, and 7 are the nuc frames.

Frame 5 (outside): The queen is on this side of this frame.  There are many more bees.  The bees have built up the comb on the top of the frame so that it bulges.  There is sealed brood in the center surrounded by larvae.  I estimate there are about 3 times more brood and larvae than 12 days ago.  The remaining cells appear to be filled with nectar, but the picture may show more young larvae extending to the bottom of the frame.

Frame 5 (inside): There are more bees (about double?).  Some of the pollen has been taken out.  The larvae from the last inspection are now sealed brood and there are more larvae where the sealed brood used to be.  The bees appear to be capping some honey at the top of the frame.  It’s in a band about 4 cells wide across about 2/3 of the frame.

Frame 6 (inside): More bees here.  About half of the sealed brood has hatched with more larvae about this time.  I missed some capped honey on the last inspection.  This time there’s a nice band across the top with the left corner coming down about 10 cells worth.  Pollen appears about the same quantity but moved.

Frame 6 (outside): More bees here.  The sealed brood / larvae appear to be cycling here as on the other frames.  Larvae appear to dominate this time.  As on the inside of the frame, there’s a good bit of capped honey, but the caps still have small holes in them.

Frame 7 (inside):More bees here.  Pollen may have grown slightly, but I can’t tell.  Honey is being stored across the top of the frame.

Frame 7 (outside):Many more bees here.  This may all be nectar.  All I can tell is that the frame appears fuller than before.  There is at least one pollen cell.

As before, I didn’t look at frames 8, 9, and 10 although, checking my notes, I did think I saw some drawn comb on 8.  I may have put 6 in backwards.  I’ll have to check against the pictures and number the frames next time.

My hope for next time is to see more honey and more drawn comb on 4 and 8.  I’m also concerned about the pollen and how much the bees need to make it through the winter.

The weather has been wetter and there have been many more flowers.  Coworkers have been complaining of pollen allergies.  I hope that this will be good for the bees.

Pictures here:


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