H2D7 - with Video

Based on some advice from Art and Shawn’s experience, I went out this morning and took a look. As Art said, the bees were working that perpendicular comb that I pulled off, so I moved it outside the hive.

I also took out the can of syrup and put it in front of the hive.

I noticed a bit of comb being built on bars without wax wedges, so I’m feeling more compelled to make some more wedges.

I used the ZR-90 with SD card to take some low-res video and made my first YouTube video.

The comb that you see at the bottom of the hive starting about 4:25 is the one that was on the bottom of the queen cage perpendicular to the bars. I think that it’s the cause of the bulge in one comb and the split in another. I took it out:

Come moved to top of hive

Comb moved to top of hive.

I hope that the bees will recover the wax and nectar and build it into the hanging comb.

My good camera ran out of electricity after only a few shots.  I’ve charged it up and extracted the pictures.  The resolution is good enough that the pollen bags can be seen:

Here’s a picture of the hive:

Here’s the feeder in the back of the hive:

It’s still quite far from the bees.  My first impression of the top bar hive (TBH) is that it’s easier to work than a Langstroth hive.

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