Why I Never Could Find Information on Wiring Both Sides of A Frame

I don’t have an embedder.  I melted a hole in my foundation when I tried to use a soldering iron.  I thought to myself, hey why don’t I just wire both sides of the frame for strength and skip the embedding.

Well, after we found a queen cell on frame 7 and sent it over to Art’s house I put in a frame with wiring on both sides.  Here’s the result:

I guess that’s why there’s no information on that technique.  My current thinking is to put a strip of foundation at the top of any new frames.  As of today, it’s worked once and a second frame is in the hive.

The hive’s pretty full right now and I’m thinking of putting another deep on.  If I do, this frame’s going upstairs and a new, “starter strip” frame will be going in the main box.  I know these aren’t exactly starter strips, but what should I call these frames: one inch top foundation strip frames?

My apologies to the true starter strip beekeepers who don’t have a box of wax foundation lying around from an overenthusiastic (and knowledge-free) start.

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