Sugar Notes

I’ve been struggling with sugar water.  I tried Rapidura in water but didn’t pay attention to the concentration.  I used tap water.  The bees didn’t drink it.  About that time the population was shrinking, I saw small hive beetles (SHB) in there (maybe).  I switched to Domino at a 2::1 ratio and the bees started to drink.  Then the SHBs disappeared and I had large black ants… and the bees drank more and the ants were gone.   Maybe it’s coincidence.

The current recipe:

  1. One Feeder
  2. Two empty 5lb honey jars
  3. 12 cups Domino white sugar from Costco
  4. 6 cups of tap water filtered through a Britta filter
  5. boil the water
  6. add the sugar
  7. stir until it just begins to boil and the sugar is dissolved
  8. cool the pot in the sink in a water bath
  9. ladle into 2 honey jars using a funnel

The 5lb honey jars hold just over 6 cups of water.  6 cups of water + 12 cups of sugar filled two jars for me.

I hope that sugar water doesn’t ferment.  I screw on the tops and set the jars aside for later use.  They’ll cool off in their own time.

Right now, the bees seem to have settled in to a cup of syrup a day habit.


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