Inspection 2010-05-02

In the late afternoon, Noah and I went out to the hive.  There’s been so much activity since the last inspection (I did one without pictures and without reporting here in early April).  At that time, there were more bees and more brood.

This time, there’s been a bee/brood explosion and activity on frames that have never been used.  I also saw a bee attack a hive beetle which was very good to see.

Frame 1 (out): some bees here.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen bees here!

Frame 1 (in): bees here too!

Frame 2 (out): bees here, which is new.  Killed a hive beetle on the frame.

Frame 2 (in): bees here!

Frame 3 (out): hundreds of bees.  Comb near the top.  Maybe some nectar storage beginning.  this frame was untouched previously.  There’s a hole in the middle of the frame

Frame 3 (in): hundreds of bees.  A glob of comb has been built near a hole.  Perhaps the foundation broke and the bees built it up anyway?  There’s new comb toward the upper right of this frame.  It looks like mostly nectar storage, but there might be some pollen in there also.

Frame 4 (out): There were no bees at all on this frame last month.  Now there are hundreds.  Holes around the wires have lengthened into long gaps.  The comb is much better developed and looks to be used for nectar.

Frame 4 (in): thousands of bees?  The picture’s blurry but there appears to be good comb development and perhaps pollen storage.

Frame 5 (out): this frame has been converted from honey to brood.  Thousands of bees here, maybe 2/3 brood.

Frame 5 (in): Another brood explosion here.  Honey’s gone, brood and larvae on a good half of this frame.

Frame 6 (in): Thousands of bees.  Honey gone, brood on 2/3 of the frame.

Frame 6 (out): Thousands of bees.  maybe 50% brood?

Frame 7 (in): Thousands of bees.  50% brood.  Queen seen running to other side of frame.

Frame 7 (out): fewer bees here than on the last few frames.  Brood in middle have hatched, brood ring around center.

Frame 8 (in): hundreds of bees.  Comb developing, liquid storage.  Nothing here last month.

Frame 8 (out): thousands of bees.  comb developing on upper half.

Frame 9: a handful of bees on either side.

Frame 10: a few bees on the inside of the frame.  This is a new development.

Frame 11:  A frame in the box below appears to be untouched.  Moved it to under the center of the hive.

With all the brood in there, this hive looks set to explode.  I guess I’d better start wiring up some more frames!


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