DNS Problems

I think I’ve got DNS problems. I’m using zoneedit to hose my external records, but also have a caching authoritative server for the local network. The local network is private and IP addresses differ in some cases from the public DNS. The NAT gateway is also the backup DNS and points to the ISP DHCP assigned DNS. Here are some of the weirdnesses:
1. Outlook express GP faults and windows pings the wrong (public) IP address. ipconfig /flushdns resolves the problem.
2. IE pointed to Apache proxying to Tomcat 5.0.12 seems to lock up. The servlet is hitting mysql with some primitive connection code. When I put better exception handling in and reinitialize the pool on error I see a permission problem after an IO problem with mysql. I suspect DNS as mysql security is host/user/password based here.
3. Sometimes the backup mail server picks up the mail. I think this is a load average problem as I’ve got some heavy load cron based java jobs that run on the hour and the problem seems to happen on a regular basis.
4. I haven’t checked the serial nobers on the zone-edit records so perhaps I’m doing something really wrong here. I know I’m cheating with the private DNS, but there should be a good way to accomplish this. Perhaps I need to eliminate backup DNS to the outside world.

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