This web site is an experiment. I've been hosting at home for years on old cast off computers. It works pretty well. Comcast has been really good on pricing and availability (I don't use their DNS). Before Comcast it was AT&T Roadrunner and before them, Media One. All have been a good value for money.

FiOS has come to my back yard. Unfortuanately, Verizon has been rather ugly about blocking ports 25 and 80 inbound. I can understand why they'd want to make that the default, but their phone reps would not discuss any possibility of removing the block.

So, with that in mind, and perhaps reducing my electric bill, I looked about for hosts. This one, Linode, provides virtual Linux systems for $20 a month. I think I can save that much electricity by powering down a few boxes here.

This web page is checked into CVS on the linode and pushed to the web server by a script.

I installed wordpress to try out upgrading my roller blog to something newer: Andrew Siwko's Blog #2.

Tomcat's next.... and maybe all this goes in the blog?

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